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Caregiver Panel Discussion 

The Watertown Area Memory Support Group is a safe place for Caregivers. Our monthly meetings offer caregivers a place to be welcomed, to learn, to be validated, to vent, to laugh, to cry, to share, to be celebrated and to belong. Caregiving can be a very challenging and lonely job. Our members welcome new and seasoned caregivers, who often share their journeys. Seeing and feeling that they are not alone is a great gift. Sharing their journeys, their ideas, their questions, and often---what works for them is a plus for other caregivers. Everyone's journey is unique, but often there are similarities and that helps each of them. We are like an extended family!


The Support Group has been ongoing since 1998. The Caregivers determine the monthly meeting topic. They share what areas they are interested in and the facilitator will find someone to speak to them about that subject or present a video on that subject. The topics are wide ranging. Some subjects include medical issues, activity programs, hearing and speech issues, eating and food, behaviors and interventions and everything else of interest while caring for a loved one. Some months are "Open Forums" when the caregivers discuss many things. Calendars and Brochures  are created and printed six months at a time with the dates and speakers and general information.Our monthly meetings take place the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm. We are currently meeting at The Watertown Event Center on the west side of Watertown on highway 212.


We also offer a unique benefit for caregivers. We have two medical personnel who have worked with folks with Memory Loss for years. They are experienced and well versed in providing a separate area to care for and entertain the folks with the diagnosis, while their Caregiver attends the Support Group meeting. This is a great benefit for caregivers who are not comfortable leaving their loved one at home alone and also being able to speak freely at the Support Group meeting.

They always seem to have a good time!


We also try to provide brochures, and helpful information and up to date news at each meeting.


Of course---there is coffee and water and some treats for everyone.

Everyone is welcome to join us. You are free to come and listen and/or share.

We practice anonymity and want everyone to know that what is said in our 'safe place' stays in our 'safe place'.


We welcome you to join us.

Connie Lake, Facilitator.


Connie Lake, Facilitator


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